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Laptop Backpack

Black Laptop Backpack.
319,00 kr

Rubber boots

Here are a couple of good and comfortable rubber boots.
199,00 kr


Lined rain set for children. The jacket has elastic wrists and reflections on the waist and wrists. It closes with a zipper. The hood is removable. The pants have reflexes and elastic bands to have around the shoes. Free from PVC, Teflon and Phthalates. With this rain jacket, your child is well prepared for rain and wind.
429,00 kr

Baby overall made of bamboo

Baby Overall with long-haired fleece. Off-white. 100% polyester. Tricot lining in bamboo and cotton.
289,00 kr


Dark blue winter overall with fine details and great features. Reflectors on the arms and legs. Name tag in the neck. Velcro around the wrists and elastic bands to hold the shoes. Zipper and buttons closure. The overall are designed to be warm, breathable and reject water and wind.
419,00 kr

Baby Blanket

Baby Blanket with woven labels for your baby to play with. White with fishes.
159,00 kr 129,00 kr


Here is a rain jacket children can thrive in. The jacket has elastic waist and wrists. It closes with a zipper and snaps. The hood is detachable. Reflective material makes your child visible when it is dark. A thin fabric is lining the rain jacket. A handy patch for names and phone numbers in the neck. Free from PVC, Teflon and Phthalates. With this rain jacket, your baby is well protected against weather and wind. Closed with zipper and snap buttons.
199,00 kr


Fun hat from the popular game Angry Birds.
109,00 kr


Bikini in black. For young people aged 8-15 years.
209,00 kr


Patterned swimsuit in one piece. Sizes for 2-8 years. Pink or turquoise. Flounce around the waist. Stretch material.
189,00 kr


Here are rain pants with a lot of practical features. The rainpants are 100% waterproof and windproof. An additional button at the waist makes it easy to adjust waist size. The braces are elastic, adjustable and have clips. The legs have elastic around the ankles and an adjustable elastic strap to have around the shoe. Broad reflections around each leg for visibility and safe play. Leave rain and sand on the outside with these rain pants. The material, which is polyurethane, is flexible, durable and designed especially for children's movements. The material meets the PU standard and contains no phthalates, teflon or PVC. The seams are taped or welded.
229,00 kr


2-piece pajamas with skeleton print that glows in the dark. Black, pink.
199,00 kr

Union Suit Wool

Woolen union suit for children 1.5-8 years. This union suit keeps the body warm and moisture away from the baby. Moreover, breathable wool is cooling off on hot days. The material is soft and comfortable. The technical feature allows the garment to dry quickly. During the site is thoroughly tested for quality, fit and comfort, specially designed for Scandinavian conditions.
309,00 kr

Baby Sock 2-Pack

Baby Sock in sizes 0-12 months.
69,00 kr

Babyset 2 parts

A long sleeve Fixoni baby suit in two parts with matching body and romper. Available in Sky Grey Melange. Closure with snaps.
329,00 kr


Black / White leggings with pyramidal pattern for ages 1-10 years.
149,00 kr

Body 2 pack

Two Fixoni Baby Body in cotton with long sleeves. White Skye. Unisex. Closes with push button.
259,00 kr

Socks Bamboo 3-Pack

Bamboo sock with comfort elastic. Black, grey, marin. Wash at 60 degrees.
149,00 kr


Boxer shorts in the colors blue, green, orange and turquoise for ages 1-8 years.
89,00 kr 69,00 kr

Baby Hat Bamboo

Soft and comfortable baby hat made of bamboo and cotton. Offwhite, gray with stars.
99,00 kr

Anti-Slip sock 3 pack

Anti-slip protection consists of 100% silicone, is non-toxic and approved by the EU. It provides a durable anti-slip that can be washed.
99,00 kr

Tights with anti-slip

Solid colored non-slip tights. Anti-slip protection consists of 100% silicone, is non-toxic and approved by the EU.
109,00 kr


Black trousers in cotton. Available for ages 1-18 months.
169,00 kr


Here are rain gloves with long covering that can be pulled over, alternatively, put it in your jacket sleeve. There is also an elastic band with push buttons which makes it fit around the wrist. With these lined raingloves from Paddington sand, water, cold and wind is kept out.
149,00 kr

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