Since 2006, Ann Forslind amused both young children and their parents with books about babies. Now Babis very own collection that caters to the smallest and that is equally suited to both small boys and little girls.

The entire collection Babis quality for a durable crawling. Colors and patterns are cheerfully colored and carefully thought to match it, for the most part, happy children who are exploring in life's startup phase.

For more information, contact Wiges in Borås that has the wholesale.

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Baby Blanket

Baby Blanket with woven labels for your baby to play with. White with fishes.
From €8.43


Long sleeve wrap baby body made of cotton. Green. Green / orange stripes. Unisex. Closed with push buttons.
From €7.49


Short-sleeved baby bodysuit in cotton. The body is closed with push buttons.
From €7.49

Baby Hat

Baby hat in cotton.


Short-sleeved pajamas with pocket and print. White with different animals / orange. Closed with push buttons.


Pajamas with long sleeves. White with fish, green / orange stripes. Closed with push buttons.


Trousers in the colors red or blue for ages 0-9 months.

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