Walking Bamboo

Hitta kläder av bambu hos ADEVE, handla bambukläder för barn dam och herr billigt online

Facts about the brand Walking Bamboo

The bamboo that our garments are made of comes from Mosobambun, also called "giant bamboo", and is the fastest growing plant in the world. Mosobamboo grows quite organically without pesticides or fertilizers. The harvest of Mosobamboo does not affect the endangered panda because their diet consists of a lower bamboo variety.

Environmentally friendly materials, grown totally organic
Natural properties, keeps material fresh longer
Keeps the skin cool and helps humidity control
Round, smooth fibers that are good for sensitive skin
Luxurious, soft and pliable

For more information, contact Wiges that owns the trademark and wholesale.


Hipster Panties Bamboo 2-Pack

Hipster pantie made of bamboo for maximum comfort.

Size / Waist (cm) / Hips (cm)
S / 68-72 / 92-96
M / 76-80 / 100-104
L / 84-88 / 108-112
XL / 94-100 / 117-122
129.00 SEK

Anti-Slip Sock Bamboo 2-pack

Baby Sock Bamboo. Socks are coated with anti-slip in pure non-toxic silicone which is approved by the EU. The bamboo material is even softer than cotton and provides maximum comfort.
From 54.00 SEK