Organic clothes made of Bamboo

Ekologiska kläder av bambu. Handla billigt online hos ADEVE.  
  • Environmentally friendly material, is grown entirely organically
  • Natural features, keeps the material fresh longer
  • Keeps the skin cool and seems moisture control
  • Round, smooth fibers that are good for sensitive skin
  • Luxuriously soft and smooth

The bamboo viscose as our supplier produces garments of 100% biodegradable, renewable and comes mostly from Mosobambun also called "giant bamboo".

It is the fastest growing plant in the world, reaching his full height in just 3 months. It can be harvested three times a year.

Bamboo grows completely organic without irrigation, pesticides or fertilizers in the hillside plantations certified by the FSC.

Production takes place in a fully integrated and closed process, with full recycling of the chemicals. It also reuses most of the water in the process.

Harvesting of bamboo by hand and is easy on the environment and does not affect the endangered panda because their diet consists of a lower bamboo variety.

From an environmental bamboo is a very good alternative for the production of organic clothing, especially if compared to traditional cotton. Bamboo is not irrigated and survive on very little water. Bamboo does not need to be sprayed with chemicals or fertilizers to grow. Bamboo also emits 30% more oxygen than any other forest and bamboo consumes more carbon dioxide than any other plant.

The symbol below, indicates which of our products are made of bamboo

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