Baby Comforters | DouDous

A DouDou is often the first comforter and perfect for newborns and babies.

Knitted White / Grey-Striped Bear DouDou

Bambino Cotton Knitted Stripe - Bear Comforter. 26cm. Safety Certifications according to EN-71.

DouDou Blue Bear

A small blue bear diinglis with teether. 25 cm. Safety Certifications according to EN-71.
From €7.60

DouDou Pink Bunny

A cute doudou pink bunny. 19 cm. Safety Certifications according to EN-71.

A good night's sleep

All new parents agree that anything that helps a baby to sleep is worth the cost. There are several inventions that help to calm the child and make the lives of parents a little easier. A diinglis is a good start for both parents and a baby.

A first mate

A baby comforter can comfort, keep up and listen. The doudou always happily join a ride in the stroller, in the car or on the bus. A baby does not like when a doudou is forgotten in any place so always double check so it is there.

Elicit a smile of your baby with a doudou

A cute rabbit, giraffe or crocodile that your baby can learn and recognize will certainly bring a smile if everything else is as it should.

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