A bra should be practical and comfortable to wear but also fit your style. Take a look at our range and buy a bra at a good price.

Bra Leopard

Leopard patterned bra.

Bra Bamboo

Seamless bamboo bra for maximum comfort.

Bra Bamboo

Women's top with removable padding in seamless bamboo for maximum comfort.
From €8.50

Bandeau Top Strapless

Bandeau Top Strapless.

The bra is seamless and has removable padding so you choose if you want padding. Perfect for summer dress or a thin top. Or why not on the beach. This strapless bra provides both comfort and a stylish figure. A bra without shoulder straps is specially designed to stay up even though it is a bandless bra.

The circumference below the bust are needed when you are buying a bra. Take as narrow as possible.
Size / Circumference under bust (cm)
S/M / 68-77,
L/XL / 78-87
From €7.54

Sports Bra

Women's top seamless bamboo for maximum comfort. Wash at 40 degrees.

Bust measurements are needed when buying a bra. Take as tight as possible.
Size / Circumference below bust (cm)
S / 68-72, M / 73-77, L / 78-82, XL / 83-87

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