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Silly Putty Slime 6-Pack

Play friendly slime in six delicious colors. Purple, pink, light blue, yellow, green, red. Slimy without getting stuck on the skin. Shape ringing snakes, pancakes or figures with the small accompanying moulds. Use a straw to blow bubbles in the slime. Let the imagination set the limits. Suitable for adults and children over 3 years. Do not eat. The product does not contain borax, glue or other irritants as many 'do it yourself' kit have. This is genuine so-called 'Silly Putty' which has been sold all over the world since 1950. Ingredients: Polydimethylsiloxane (ingredient in many skin humidifying products and schampoo), dyes.

5-Pack Fluffy Slime / Floam Slime

Fluffy Slime for anyone who likes something to knead and shape. Like a dough with small pieces. Shape balls, bake pancakes, figs or whatever you want. Delivered in five delicious colors. Blue, green, red, purple and black.

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