Work Socks

Buy and order best quality work socks from our online store. We have robust work socks to suit your needs.

Work Socks Wool

Work socks in wool with extra durable sole.
From €3.11

Work Socks

Work socks with extra durable sole.
From €2.16

Work Socks 2-Pack

Work socks with extra durable terry sole. The sole is shock absorbing. Soft toe seam adapted for work shoes. Reinforced in heel and toe. Ribbed shaft. This sock has three adapted zones to create as loose knitting as possible. Zone 3 closest to the ankle has a ribbed knit to stabilize the shaft and hold it in place. Zone 2 has a slight decreasing ribbed knit. Zone 1 is a soft entry to the almost non-existent top rib. Anything to get a sock with loose elastic as possible in the shaft to reduce the risk of stasis and marks, but still stays up.
From €6.87

Work Socks Jeans 2-Pack

Extra durable work socks.
From €5.93

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