Diabetic Socks

In diabetes, autonomic neuropathy may occur in the feet. High blood sugar affects the nerves that control the blood vessels and sweating of the skin. Your feet become dry when you stop sweating your feet. You feel the foot is cold, but if you touch the foot it is hot because the blood flow in the medium vessels has increased. The decreased blood flow in the skin results in oxygen shortage and the skin becomes dry and sensitive to pressure from a stitch on a sock or tight shoe. To help ease the blood circulation, it helps if you are wearing diabetes socks. Socks for diabetics are designed to create as little pressure as possible on the foot. Diabetes socks also lack seams.

2-Pack Diabetic Socks

Using socks with the right qualities gives a big difference in comfort for those who really need it. The three most common problems for diabetics are: impaired blood circulation, sores and cold feet. The socks in this series have properties that counteract these problems and therefore suit both diabetics and those looking for a comfortable sock that is comfortable and fit well and non-toxic.

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