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Jumpsuits for children

Jumpsuits for children


 Jumpsuits och heldräkter för barn

Autumn is here and we have received cozy jumpsuits for baby and child

This autumn we have received several fine varieties for ages 1-18 months.

They are found here: Jumpsuits

Have a nice day!

Patrik & Therese @ Adeve

New category with socks for men and women

Men and women socks


Strumpor för herr och dam. Herrstrumpor och damstrumpor.

Now we have started with socks for men and women


A new category for adults has been created in our online store and we will expand gradually with several subcategories. A subcategory that we started with is the socks. The basics that we can not do without. At this writing, we have a long shaft and short shaft socks with comfort elastic. There are many types of socks and the next step will be some form of support stockings. Even socks with non-slip will be purchased.

Take a look at the new category here: Socks

Have a nice day!

Patrik & Therese @ Adeve


Winter overalls


Success for our SNOWTEX overalls

It was a while since we wrote something on our blog because of lack of time and a lot has happened since then. Both privately and with the store. Our winter overalls have been selling really well, more specifically 52st, and we have not received any returns except two size changes from the large to the small. We have free returns, which is a big expense when you can send both return and then back to the customer. But it creates customer satisfaction and hopefully a good relationship for more sales in the future. Perhaps the success can be repeated next fall?

Here are pictures of the season overalls:

Vinteroverall för barn från SNOWTEXOverall för barn från SNOWTEX

Have a nice day!

Patrik & Therese @ Adeve

Swim Wear



There's a lot of needs in the webshop and one thing that stood out a little bit and that there is also demand for is swimwear. After a little research on facebook where we asked about what moms thought of three different models, the choice was to buy two of them. At least to begin with.

Number two was probably most popular but mothers think differently so from a business perspective, we saw a demand for all three. I thought it was fun to ask which one of these they prefer, why and what age their response was. One was most popular up to the age of three years and number two was most popular for over three years and the third was the most popular among older children. It was an incredible response by moms because they love to chat about what they think. About forty responses came within a few hours. We did not mention that this was a market research or did adverte Adeve.


We are still checking suppliers and prices but will atleast have the second and third available by the end of May.

Have a nice day!

Patrik & Therese @ Adeve



So finally starting to get a little spring warmth and sun even to Gothenburg! I filled just in the holiday list on the job since they so wanted it. There will be six beautiful weeks starting in late June. But until then, I get plodding on and enjoy the afternoons and evenings with the family.


'Adde go to the playground', 'Adde go to the playground' is repeated constantly when you come home. It is Adele who wants to go out and play. No wonder when it's sunny, windless and 10-15 degrees. As a parent you happily come along. She proudly tramples around on her tricycle and loves to swing. She did not like that last summer when she was one year old. But now she does not want to stop but enjoy every minute of the swing.


Little Stevo, now a year old, has just started walking. It was a little fun when he would use the shoes for the first time. He started crying and fell down as well because it was something strange on his feet. Much like a cat with a collar that looks pathetic. It's not possible to go with things on his feet he thought. After two days indoors with shoes went better since he had no choice.


Flower boxes are full of daffodils and it starts to become green on the bushes. Everywhere smoldering there and just waiting to explode into full greenery. From gray and dull to a crackling of colors in two months, that's what spring is!


The cat that has spring fever and is out longer and longer in the afternoons. He has his favorite place in some bushes. It has been completely bare all winter and now it starts to get a little green. He blends in with the surroundings more and more. Elvis may be more incognito in there considering passing dogs and cats. They always tend to cause trouble so it's nice having the bushes. You know where to go to find Elvis. When you call for him he comes leaping and mewing. Always happy! Maybe you should've been a cat?

Have a nice day!

Patrik @ Adeve

Onepiece - Today's Outfit

Onepiece - Today's Outfit

What could be simpler than a Onepiece

You do not have to think about what to combine it with.. Possibly a pair of socks but more than that is not necessary. Today we present a popular Onepiece for kids and babies aged 1-24 months. It is available in three different versions. Either striped or leopard print. Striped in red or navy. Leopard in black. All three onepiece has a hood and a long zipper so that it is easy to take on and off. We sell it at a very reasonable price with included shipping and return. Children's clothes are off the mark Petter & Kajsa and Paddington.

onepiece randig röd

onepiece randig marin

onepiece svart leopard

Link to these is here!

To see these clothes on children we have the following pictures until further showing a few other versions. But we will shortly upload your own images with our own boy model. Onepiece garments below are of exactly the same kind. It's just the pattern and color that is different.

onepiece barn

onepiece stars

onepiece zebra

Combining one of these fine onepiece with a pair of anti-slip socks are perfect for a child who crawl and learning to walk. Our own son is just in the phase (11 months) and non-slip socks helps him not to slip when he tries to walk.


Link to these is here!

So a simple tip is to buy this simple outfit that can not fail!

Have a nice day!

Patrik & Therese @ Adeve

Child Trends 2014 - Top 8

Child Trends 2014 - Top 8

Being aware of the trends is important for us as an online store so here's a small track of how it looks in Sweden the last 12 months. The trends are based on Google searches.


1. Fever children
This search is at the top and is perhaps not surprising for one wishes to get some guidance when your child is feverish. 1177 Vårdguiden peaks the search.

1177 vårdguiden

2. Svt barn
The runner-up will lead us to SVT and this brings up Barnkanalen at the top of the search results.


3. HM
HM seems to be the parents' favorite when it comes to children's clothing and baby clothes. With a turnover of 176 billion in 2014 speaks popularity of itself.

4. Lindex
When it comes to buying baby clothes Lindex is second in popularity with us parents.

5. The barn
What is this? Lada in English, the child or what? Looking coming to a restaurant in Gothenburg up called The Barn. It has nothing to do with children but Google seems to like it!

The Barn

6. Barn kläder
It seems to be trendy to search for baby clothes online. To buy children's and baby clothes online is becoming more and more natural for us. Zalando peaks search results and lined with a lot of sponsored ads.

7. Barn spel
Here I think the kids learned that the search term lists lots of fun online game. At the top end

8. Last but not least we have Kappahl. Children's wear, we can not get enough of!


Have a nice day!

Patrik & Therese @ Adeve




Today we published our first tunic and our own little model got a nice look!



The catwalk was mixed with some breaks to correct the glasses.


The tunic has small embroidery and a few prints as well as a colorful pattern at the bottom.

It is available in sizes 2-6 years and can be purchased here!


Have a nice day!

Patrik & Therese @ Adeve


Only Swedish version available, See

Today's Outfit

Today´s Outfit


Today we pick up something for a little boy of 2-4 years. Outfit consists of a cardigan, a short-sleeved T-shirt, boxer shorts, soft trousers and socks with non-slip. Our own little boy is one year of age still so I can not boast of having tried it on a child yet but it feels like a good combination. It can also be easily adapted to the temperature by removing the cardigan. Anti-slip protection is perfect for play indoors.

And now to the actual clothes ...

T-Shirt to have underneath the cardigan.

 barn barnkläder t-shirt


Cardigan as extra sweater

barnkläder cardigan kofta

Boxershorts as underwear

barnkläder boxershorts underkläder

Trouser as bottom part

barnkläder byxa byxor mjukisbyxa

Socks with antislip

barnkläder strumpa socka halkskydd


Have a nice day

Therese & Patrik @ Adeve 

Spring is coming!

Spring is coming!

Now we are in the month of March and it feels like to be overwintered in a teddy nalle

nest and to have new strength to move forward with. And given that spring and summer is on its way you look forward trying not to think about rain and the short days. I guess I should have been born in warmer latitudes (:


Our two-year-old will have a lot of fun with playing outdoors and our one year old son who just learned to stand will stroll around curious about everything. Here they sit and cuddle indoors.


We parents move on with our company Adeve and fill in the webshop with new children's clothing all the time. It will be especially fun to get the new brand with Danish children's clothing called Small-Rags. These babyclothes are so cool and is followed by Mr. Rags a rag doll that both small and grownups like.


The only thing missing is time for everything but life is also about being able to enjoy it as well. Then it is important to not have too much to do but also enjoy life. A deep breath, yoga, sleep out, ignoring all, let go, or perhaps nothing at all? Do you have any tips? Anyway, it is the knowledge that summer is coming that makes me feel good!

Patrik & Therese @ Adeve

Garage sales

Who buys used clothing?

There is no real answer to because people are different. But I think that environmentally conscious consumers like to look at that option. Of course there is also money to be saved.

Children are growing fast. Thats why they can not tear out all the clothes. Especially in the youngest age groups. When you buy clothes of good quality, they can easily be inherited by siblings or sold at a flea market. If you come to a good flea market you can find bargains lots and stock up for years to come. The environment also feel good by this because all production affects the environment. Without knowing for sure I would guess that a used garment contains less chemicals than new when it washed a few times.

Depending on the garment so it can be exposed to vomit, feces and urine. You dont want to give that to your child. So buy it at a flea market you need to have that in mind. Shoes, overalls, shirts, trousers etc. are examples of what can be bought without worrying too much.

I thought we at Adeve want to tell about Children Garage sales through this blog as part of our environmental approach. Therefore, we want hints on garage sales. Comment, and we will update the list.

Patrik @ Adeve

Garage sales in Sweden:
Gothenburg, Loppans Barnmarknad <-- Click

An e-commerce merchants perspective and challenges

How does an online merchant think?

With online merchants, I mean someone selling things online.


The answer is probably that it differs from person to person. Of course there are common factors. The simplest is to make money on what you do.

Without knowing, I guess that the most common e-merchants is an enterprising person who sees an opportunity to use the internet and logistical solutions to sell things. The person is probably relying on the standard solutions offered on the internet in the form of e-commerce platforms and parcel services.

What is the right solution?

It depends, I want to say that. What is right for one person may not be so for another.

In my case, I am a programmer, database geek, and can configure web pages. My choice has therefore been an open solution that can be customized in detail on their own with the right tools. However, it is not something I would recommend for someone with a different background.

If you have another background, compare the standard solutions and do a proper research on what other users say about each solution. Do not rely on buzzwords like 'best e-commerce platform of all time' and so on. Try to see what other users and independent studies say.

Are you ready?

Remember that it takes time to upload products, descriptions, pictures etc. You must also create a Google-analytics account, Google merchant account, Google Adwords account and account for webmaster tools (both Google and Bing). You also need to verify ownership of your web site by placing a trace file in your domain directory.


Google recommends that you write between 500 and 1000 words for each product. They should also be visible on the website and not hide behind tabs and the like. Google analyzes the pages continuously and bots (as they are called) are getting smarter and smarter. So do not run with a few shortcuts. Create quality information, although it may be difficult as e-merchant when you most reproduces information about products.


A payment gateway must also be provided which will also cause monthly costs. Avoid PayPal at any cost which in my case was a disappointment from the beginning. The reason is that they require the customer to create PayPal account to carry out card purchases. It kills the conversion. They also give vague answers when you call them. The only thing I can recommend is if you pay your suppliers through PayPal. But not between you and the consumer.

Invoice is a good start before you have payment methods in place. When you are started you will want to sell your invoices to avoid mass of unnecessary work with invoice reminders and collection. But it's a good start.


If you want to get more organic traffic to your site, you can try different link directories but nothing beats quality links from pages that refer to the same thing you are selling. Eg a link from Dell if you sell computers is worth gold. A link from eg a university gives you a high status in the search engines. Should you only pay for traffic through Google Adwords, it will eat your profit.


At this writing, we at Adeve is just getting ready to climb the visibility on the internet. Feel free to write to us through this blog, and share tips and experiences.


Co-owner and technical manager @ Adeve

Viking clothes (790-1060 century)

The Vikings had their origin in Sweden, Norway and Denmark.

Viking fashion

When it comes to the Vikings' fashion and fashion choices they had a very own style, adapted to their climate and environment. That they were warm and comfortable was the main factor but also that the clothes were practical.

Your status in Viking society was demonstrated by your clothes. The finest clothing was worn only by the Vikings with high status. Beautiful, detailed and fashionable garments were worn by kings and nobility.

In addition to functional design, the Vikings also was fond of ornaments. Jeweled bracelets, brooches and other accessories were worn by most of the Vikings. The clothes were often decorated with embroidery and braids at the edge of the garment.


Viking clothing were designed to keep the wearer warm and consisted mostly of materials that was found locally. Such as wool, linen and animal skins. Most common were wool and linen that was used to create most clothing, such as pants, tunics and dresses. Winter garments consisted of heavy fabrics. The clothes had strong bright colors. Wool was used for winter clothes and linen were used for summer clothing which gave a lighter, airier clothing.

Leather was used to produce a variety of clothing accessories. Such as boots, belts, shoes, and many other things.

Belt buckles, pins, brooches, and other metals used to hold the the garments in place.

Animal bones were also used for certain things, such as pins or cams. That the Vikings were considered wild is a well known fact but they were also very bohemian.

Viking Jewelry

Jewelry was popular in the Viking Age, and they were fond of wearing jewelry to show their status. Brooches was like we already mentioned common and nicely detailed. Rings and metal bracelets were also popular.


Men's clothing


As outerwear the Viking men wore a wool cloak fastened with a brooch. The cloak was a useful piece of clothing that was used in the winter to keep them warm on their journeys on foot or on their journeys with the longship. The cloak could also act as a blanket when they needed sleep.


If you were a very rich vikingman so you could, instead of wearing a wool cloak, wear a mantle. This was a very expensive and finely crafted cloak, trimmed with fur and very detailed embroidery. The mantle was a way for the Vikings to show their status. They were also desirable by foreign merchants.

A shirt or tunic made of wool or linen was worn on the upper body, depending on the season. It covered often waist and held in place by a leather belt. The belt was also used to carry knives, money and other belongings.

Vikings wore trousers that were made of either wool or linen.

Headwear were also common. The Vikings had many types of headwear. Leather were a common material but the metal helmet without decorations is the one we usually associate with a viking.

The women's clothing


Viking Women dressed differently than their male counterparts. Dresses were common and in winter they wore a tight-fitting, long woolen dress without a belt that hung down to the ankles. In summer they wore a much lighter linen dress, which was more suited when the weather got warmer. Over dresses were common too, but even aprons to protect their clothes when they performed agricultural work or cooked.

On their feet were Viking women woolen socks and leather shoes. Headwear was common too. A simple head scarf or hood made of linen also seemed to be normal.

Children's clothing


What did the Vikings children wear? The kids dressed like their parents, but of course the size of a child. Viking Boys dressed like their fathers, and the Viking girls like their mothers.


The clothes were adapted to all seasons but also to the colder northern climate. Most of the time Vikings wore simple clothes but with accessories. The richest differed from the crowd with mantels, furs, jewels and expensive adornments.

Something you can not resist being inspired by is their use of natural materials and completely environmentally friendly production even if life probably was exhausting.

Patrik @ Adeve

Why organic clothing is a good idea

You probably know already that our skin is our largest organ. But did you know that it is also our largest recipient of unhealthy chemicals that are commonly used to manufacture our clothes? When we buy clothes that are certified organic, we expose our bodies to far fewer chemicals or none at all.

Organic labeling
The organic label is quite simple for fruits and vegetables, but it can be a bit confusing for clothing and textiles. This is because the fiber used to produce a garment can be certified, while the final product does not need to be. In other words, the label on a garment may indicate that it is "made from 100% certified organic cotton," but the finished garment can still be treated with synthetic chemicals, heavy metals and petroleum-based ingredients.

Look for clothes that are certified organic. There are various organizations that certify organic textiles and each has its own set of standards. Most of these standards include either the fiber or the finished product, but the Global Organic Textile Standards (GOTS) covers both. GOTS also ensures the quality of the finished products. So even if you pay a higher price for GOTS certified textiles as they are likely to last longer and thus save the costs over time. To sell clothes at a garage sale is another way to protect the environment and get back a little of what you paid.

GOTS and other organic certifications can cost a lot for small designers, so just because you do not see a GOTS certification or labeling does not mean that the requirements have not been met. Check the label for words like "Gentle manufacturing", "herbal dyes", "Eco-friendly dyes", "No chemical surface treatments or dyes", or other indications of a healthier alternative is used instead of petroleum-based materials and chemicals. You can also check the designer's website to see if their materials and methods meet your personal standards.

On Adeve we are aware of the environment and places demands on our suppliers. When we started in October 2014, we did not have any clothes that are certified but now we have atleast made contact with such suppliers. And they will have a preference when making purchases. In late 2015, we will buy our first organic garments. It will be fun!

Patrik @ Adeve

Brand Clothing - Good or Bad?

Fashion for children is a hot market these days, for those who can afford ...

Great designers are releasing more and more collections that focus on children. Although branded clothes for children undoubtedly is adorable, is it worth paying more than hundred dollars for a sweater that your daughter will soon outgrow?

It used to be that great designers focused on rich people. But in those days, designers focus even on a smaller audience - children and hence parents. Gucci and Fendi are examples of great designers who provides collections for children.

So who buys?
If the designers make these clothes for children, we can be sure that someone is willing to buy it, right? It is logical for
designers to target a group that spends. And is there a parent that does not want to give their children the best?

But what kind of message conveys the parents to the children when they dress them in clothes that costs a lot?

Are parents using their children's clothes and accessories as a way to convey their own status?
That it is so can be seen on forums dealing with children's clothing. A mother of a well-known Swedish forum asked for hints where to buy expensive children's clothes, adding that it was because of what other parents thought. She was, in other words, worried about what other parents would think if her children did not have expensive clothes.
Although no one has that intention, it will increase the gap between rich and poor.

For a child, clothes are clothes. But as they grow, they will learn about status symbols. 4 out of 10 children in low- and middle school reported to be aware of the clothing brands they wear. And Swedish children do not want to wear just anything - it should be right brand.

So why is brands manufactured?
Simply stated, children's wear is a market for designers with huge opportunity. They need a new category and some mothers or fathers will not care about a houndred dollar price tag because they want the best for their children and can afford it but in some cases also for what it indicates to other parents.

Also have in mind that a brand in many cases is a stamp of quality. If a brand always delivers high quality it is of course an advantage. Especially if you buy online.

Adeves plans

In the spring, we will expand our range considerably and will mix well known and lesser known brands. Why do we do it? Well, because people are different!

Warmly welcome to drop in and shop at Adeve!

Therese @ Adeve