6-Pack Boxershorts Big Sizes

Men boxer with elasthane. Black + Grey. Big Sizes.
SKU: 522
Brand: Walking
Stock Status Black/Grey

Products specifications
Wash Instructions Machine Wash, 60C
Material 95% Cotton, 5% Elastane

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This sock is designed for all who want a sock that is not too tight around the leg. It is especially suitable for people with sensitive legs, but also for all those who just want the added comfort. This sock has three adapted zones to create as loose knitting as possible. Zone 3 closest to the ankle has a ribbed knit to stabilize the shaft and hold it in place. Zone 2 has a slight decreasing ribbed knit. Zone 1 is a soft entry to the almost non-existent top rib. Anything to get a sock with loose elastic as possible in the shaft to reduce the risk of stasis and marks, but still stays up.

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Men boxer with elasthane. Black. Big Sizes.

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