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Diabetic socks bamboo

Diabetic socks in bamboo without elastic in the shaft (roll-top) and with reinforced sole.

Using socks with the right properties makes a big difference in comfort for those who really need it. The three most common problems for diabetics are: Impaired blood circulation, chafing in various forms and cold feet. The socks in this series have properties that counteract these problems and are therefore suitable for both diabetics and those who are looking for a comfortable sock that is comfortable and sits good and non-toxic.

Without elastic stitching at the shaft end, blood circulation facilitates.
Soft and durable sole keep the feets warm and prevents chafing.
No toe seam on the inside prevents chafing.
Manufacturer: The Doctor Recommends
SKU: 754
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37-39, Black 7
40-42, Black > 20
43-45, Black 17
46-48, Black > 20

Products specifications
Attribute name Attribute value
Wash Instructions Machine Wash, 60C
Material Inside Satin, Outside 100% Cotton African wax prints