Babyset 2 parts

A baby suit with comfortable dungarees in two colors with a white long-sleeved top. Size 0-9 months. It closes with buttons.
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Material 100% Cotton

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Short-sleeved baby body combined with trousers. Striped. Closed with button at the top and crotch.
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Baby Set - A basic garments for your baby!


Bodies and bodysuits are necessary items of clothing for your baby. All parents appreciate these garments when it should be changed diapers. It should be easy to get on and off when changing diapers takes place several times a day. ADEVEs bodysuits and bodysuits are available in several different styles, patterns and prints. Long sleeves and short sleeves. They are made of soft material that will not irritate baby's sensitive skin. No matter what style or model you choose for your baby, you can be sure that your children will appreciate the clothes as they are extremely comfortable. There are several variations of overalls that are very sweet. Buy a nice children's costume or baby costume of ADEVE. That a Baby Rompers need to be washed often is also something parents of young children usually discover pretty quickly. Therefore, mothers and fathers never get enough of bodies. Then the clothes also highlights how wonderful cute your baby is doing the clothes have been popular among all parents of young children. Whether you decide on a bodysuit with a cool print, embroidery, or in classic pink or blue, you can be sure that your child will always be comfortable and also look fantastic sweet! Baby bodysuits and baby sets are excellent gifts to give away so why not turn on a starter kit and make a parent and baby happy! As I said, you can not get enough of Bodies and infant sets.