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Hair Bonnet - African design

A satin night cap for women that protects your hair while you sleep. This hair cap is suitable for both long and medium long hair. Especially good for curly hair.

Africa inspired pattern.
An adjustable elastic cord adjusts the sleeping cap to your needs.
This sleeping cap has two layers of fabric and is made of satin inside and cotton on the outside.
Made in Sweden.
The product is intended for an adult person.

Satin is a fabric reminiscent of silk. A sleeping cap encloses the hair which minimizes friction to the pillow. In English, this product is often called satin/hair bonnet or satin head/hair wrap.
Manufacturer: Adeve
SKU: 751
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Customize the hair bonnet to your needs

Products specifications
Attribute name Attribute value
Material Inside Satin, Outside 100% Cotton African wax prints
Wash Instructions Handwash only