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You can find beautiful kids leggings and leggings baby

Baby leggings Bamboo

Knitted baby leggings made of bamboo. Color: Navy, Grey Melange


Black / White leggings with pyramidal pattern for ages 1-10 years.


Black leggings with cat eyes on the knees.


Tights for aged 2-24 months Color: White with small color dots

Here you can find leggings children can thrive in!

Children Leggings is a comfortable everyday wear that is very popular among children. It can be used for everyday or for sports. It is most common among teenage girls but boys at younger ages can also use baby leggings. They are made of an elastic material which provides a good fit that your child can move freely. Children Leggings are perfect for a t-shirt, dress or skirt but can also be used under pants for them to be a little warmer. Even the smallest can have so-called baby leggings. Leggings were very popular in the 80s but now kids leggings fashion is back and you can see leggings and dresses everywhere. For a child, children leggings is a perfect garment for the crazy playing and a simple garment that fits summery clothes.

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