Onepiece children | Jumpsuit children

Here you will find good and cheap onepiece and jumpsuit for babies and children.


Jumpsuit with hood and pocket. Heart printed. Closes with a zipper.


Jumpsuit with front zipper.

Jumpsuit made of bamboo

Jumpsuit made of bamboo. Closed with zipper.


Jumpsuit with hood. Zebra printed. Closes with a zipper.

Baby jumpsuit made of bamboo

Baby bodysuit made of bamboo. Striped blue, off-white with rabbits.
From €15.07


Short-sleeved jumpsuit with Alfons print. Blue, blue / red stripes. Closed with push buttons.
€15.07 €11.28


Sleeveless jumpsuit. Navy, red / white. Closes with push button.


Long sleeved jumpsuit with Mr. Rags. Closes with push button.

Looking for a jumpsuit or onepiece also known as?

A jumpsuit is also called onepiece. Gather the whole family on the couch for friday wearing jumpsuits! We have jumpsuits with quality brand from Petter & Kajsa and Paddington. A onepiece is perfect for the kids at play in the snow in winters. A simpler outfit than a jumpsuit does not exist. You just have to take it on and it's ready. The only possibly need is a pair of socks. On you can buy jumpsuits cheap. Also check out our blog and read about Today's Outfit! A onepiece, as it is also known, is the easiest garment to buy but also one of the most popular among children. Jumpsuit children is a category of its own. Equip the family with this beautiful garment. Going around in a jumpsuit can feel a little awkward at the beginning of an adult but the kids love jumpsuits from the beginning. In fact, a onepiece is inspired by rompers. So the adults have taken children's fashion, so to speak. Crawling around in a jumpsuit is wonderful. Jumpsuit or playsuit usually have a long front zipper. Jumpsuits are popular with both boys and girls and is a growing trend that has had a tremendous impact. It may even be difficult to take it off because it is addictive. A onepiece need not be expensive. Here you will find jumpsuits cheap to high quality.


Other names

A dear child has many names. This also applies jumpsuits that might as well be called One Piece, Ziperall or Onesie. Even fancy dress falls into this category. Fleece Coverall is an additional terms. Anyway, check out our fine jumpsuits!



This name goes more into the direction for adults and is often used on garments that are going in the direction dress with short arms or no arms and legs. But according to other companies, it is up to the viewer to decide and do not think there are any sharp boundaries.



Jumpsuits has also become a real fashion. The journey began in norway with the brand one piece as cozy clothes. A baby body underneath, a jumpsuit and a pair of slip socks so is the baby any time ready for adventure. Many adults also appreciate a onepiece. Some resources mean jumpsuit invented in the early 1900s. It was used as the parachutists. Women also wore jumpsuits in the factories as a pure necessity in times of war when there was a shortage of everything. It is thus a military outfit released for everyday use. It came back in the 1950's and 60's when people were inspired by space. Moon landings and science fiction films made people jumpsuit-goers. Even the pop culture became influenced by jumpsuits. Some examples include David Bowie and Elvis Presley. In the early 70's and 80's it became more common for the jumpsuit worn by ordinary people. The trend has since come and gone to now be running at full speed.



What could be more relaxing than taking on a jumpsuit after a working day. The psychological factor to take on a onepiece instead of a shirt or jeans is indisputable.



One of the keys to the success was the internet, including Facebook and Twitter to spread jumpsuit fashion to several countries.


The usage

A jumpsuit should be comfortable and cozy. That's the whole idea of ​​the garment. It is not suitable for sports. The fact is that jumpsuit comes from clothes for skydivers which also brought us the Swedish title hopes costume. In the fashion context, it is a garment consisting of shirt and trousers in one. In English it is often called Onesie or Onsesize.

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