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Here you will find shorts for children !

Softie Shorts

Baby shorts for little people in sizes 2-18 months. Available in blue and gray.

Shorts Cars

Shorts with racing cars from the popular game Cars.

Children Shorts is obvious in the summer for both boys and girls.

What is more wonderful on a sunny summer day than to take on something as time off as a pair of shorts and head out on an adventure. It is also a good choice for many sports. Make sure to have a pair of shorts ready in the drawer for every occasion. At Adeve you can find good and cheap children's shorts.

Small facts about shorts

Shorts are used in everyday life and in sports in lots of variants and materials. To name a few variations, we have swimming shorts, sports shorts, bermuda shorts and denim shorts. Historically they have been common among boys but today they are worn by both sexes and combined with tights and leggings. Shorts never covers the knees. If they go further down they are called breeches, three-quarter pants or longpants.

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