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Here you can find swim diaper for babies !

Swimdiaper Baby

This is a functional and comfortable swimdiaper for young children between 2-24 months. It is made of three layers. The inner and outer layer is made of a soft stretchy fabric. A middle layer makes the trousers completely sealed so no accidents leaking through. Elastic waist and pant legs do the swimdiaper comfortable and tight at the same time. The outer layer has prints with little teddy bears and parasols.

What do you need at the bathhouse?

Small children and babies love water. Is there anything more fun than to splash and splatter? You do not really need so much stuff on a bathhouse but good swimwear is a given. Buoyancy aids as bracelets can be good for a child who is used to the water accompanied by an adult. Goggles for older children and, not least a swim diaper for the smallest. It is of great importance that the swim diaper works as intended as a bathhouse must clean up the entire basin in an accident. It is very expensive and other guests get disappointed when they are forced to another basin. There are many different variants of swimwear for a baby. Swim diapers has two or three layers, with or without drawstring, cheap and expensive. The important thing is comfort for your baby and safety in case of an 'accident'. Here at Adeve we have tried to take account of these factors in order to offer a good swim shorts for little kids.

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