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Here you will find fine tights

Tights with anti-slip

Solid colored non-slip tights. Anti-slip protection consists of 100% silicone, is non-toxic and approved by the EU.


Striped tights with Doc Mcstuffins. Available for ages 1.5-7 years.

Tights for children 2-Pack

Sleek-stitched one-colored tights for children. Grey + Black.

Base wear

Children's tights are a basic garments for children used from birth up to school age. The category tights children and tights baby is one of the most important for a parent of young children. There are several advantages to a child tights. It will not disappear just like a sock and it's easy to pull on pants and overalls of baby tights. Both boys and girls use children tights. Girls can combine their children tights with a dress and get a complete outfit in no time. It is good to have many children tights in the drawer so you can swap in the washing machine. We have tights children can enjoy and play in. We also have slip-resistant surface which is perfect for a child who has a lot of running in the legs or learn to walk. Let your child play around without slipping. Tights Baby can be used as a base layer for outdoor clothing so when you come in from the cold can walk around in her tights. A children's tights are a very good complement to pants to keep warm when the outside temperature falls. At Adeve you just put the tights in the cart, fill in your address, you pay and you have kids tights after one to two business days.

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